Our Projects

We do everything with passion

Our Projects

We put our soul in everything we do!

Every child is special in his own way, and each project in which we are involved is designed to contribute to the well-being of the society we live in. It is up to each of us to make this world a better place.

Smithfield & HorsEmotion

Period of deployment: 10.08.2018

The HorsEmotion Association together with Smithfield Romania offers once a year an unforgettable holiday to institutionalized children from the Bocsig's family-type houses. In addition to visiting the farm, psychomotricity games, knowledge of fodder and horse acrobatics, the children enjoyed the sensory garden, the water balloon battle, the soap bubbles, the pizza, the cake and all the other surprises.

My therapist - a nontakling friend

Period of deployment: 01.12.2017-31.08.2018

The project supported by the Foundation For Community and MOL Romania through the MOL program for children's health provides horse therapy sessions, game therapy and sensory stimulation as well as therapeutic and recreational activities with Golden Retriever dogs for 25 disabled children from an istitution.
These activities carried out by a multidisciplinary team (physicians, physiotherapists, psychologists and psychotherapists together with trained volunteers) are meant to bring a substantial contribution to the psychomotor and emotional development of the children assisted in the Neuropsychiatric Rehabilitation and Rehabilitation Center in Timisoara.

Christmas party for all the kids!

Period of deployment: 09.12.2017

The HorsEmotion Association organized a Christmas party on 09.12.2017. The event, which took place at the HorsEmotion hipotherapy center in Ianova, was dedicated to all children: healthy or with disabilities, from placement centers or families, thus becoming an event of social inclusion for both children and adults. The children in the Bocsig placement center have prepared for the over 150 participants Christmas carols and poems and the volunteers of the center have in the meantime offered warm tea and cupcakes. Carmen Gradinaru, appointed volunteer of the year by Dr. Erika Weisz - vice president of HorsEmotion, thanked the carols singing to the whistle. All children had a ride in the living carousel, made up of the therapy horses of the association. In the end, Santa came on a horse-drawn carriage and offered over 90 children gifts, caresses and encouragement.